How To Change Your Name On IMVU 2021 (Easy Way)

Here is the easiest way to change IMVU name 

IMVU is a 2004-founded online social networking and metaverse forum. It has grown in popularity among all users. People are spending more and more time on web platforms like social networking sites and streaming sites as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. As a result of this heavy use, online-based services have recently exploded. Learn Now How To Change Your Name On IMVU 2021

How To Change Your Name On IMVU 2021

As a user, you should have the privilege to change your avatar name whenever you want. But in recent times, we have seen that users are facing difficulties and asking “how much does it cost to change my name on imvu avatar of mine?”. You don’t need to worry about it as this article will guide you through the whole process and make you can learn to change imvu username. If you’re someone who just wants to learn then this article is perfect for you. So let’s go through this.

What is IMVU?

The first thing that can come up to someone’s mind whenever they hear the name IMVU is “what is the meaning of IMVU”? Let me answer it first. The full meaning of IMVU is- Instant Messaging Virtual Universe.

IMVU is an online-based social networking site that is a 3D, virtual reality game.

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IMVU, a graphical instant messaging service founded in 2004, was founded on this principle. Although several messaging apps let you build an avatar, IMVU’s avatars are three-dimensional, animated, and live in themed rooms and environments. They can also convey emotions and behaviors on their own or in collaboration with other avatars.

Here you can make chatrooms for yourself and add new friends and also you can make your family, make your kids and raise them. It is just like any of the real life of a human. Some other things you can do are like:

  • Buy clothes
  • Buy houses
  • Credits
  • Share chatroom and many more

Every game or application has its own in-app currency system. IMVU has also its own currency system which is IMVU credits. These credits are used but in-game items like- hair, clothes, skins, pets and different homes, clubs and so many more.  There are many ways to get free credits like watching ads, doing specific tasks, completing surveys, and so on. 

Name Changing Guide

If you like the name of an inactive account and want to change the name of your current account to that name, you must contact Customer Support to close the account (click the Help link on every IMVU page). You must first buy a name change token. They can not keep track of titles. It’s a first-come, first-served basis. If you see a name you want, act quickly to secure it before anyone else does. Before you can purchase an account, it must have been inactive for at least 12 months (1 year). The account name must not have been used in any fraudulent activity; such identities have been removed from the system permanently to prevent any further misunderstanding. If the account’s last log in date is “00/00/00,” it has been inactive long enough to request.

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Name Change: To change the name of your IMVU account, you have to buy a name change token. The next thing is how to buy? You cannot buy a name change token with your in game currency, which is the IMVU Credits. You need real-world money to purchase the name change token. Check the following site: imvu

How To Buy Name Change Tokens?

You can purchase a name change token in one of the following ways: Go to the “buy credits tab” and look for the “name change tokens” product —

or— If the account does not own a name change token, go to the “Change Avatar Name” page from the Account page (click on the “Company” icon in the menu at the top of every IMVU web page after you have signed in), and a link to purchase the product will appear. 

  • To see how many name change tokens you have, go to Go to the Account section on your website. Click Change Avatar Name in the Account Tools section on the right-hand side. You will see how many name change tokens you have there. 
  • To use a “name change token” to change your avatar’s name, follow these steps: Go to the Account section on your website. Click Change Avatar Name in the Account Tools section on the right-hand side. If your account has one or more name change tokens, you’ll be prompted to enter your password and the current avatar name you’d like to use. Complete the form. To apply, click “Continue,” and you’ll be taken to a confirmation page if the name change was effective. If the name change fails, you will get an error message explaining why the change failed.
  • To see your account’s name change history, go to Go to your Account page by clicking here: Keep track of your finances Click View Name Change History in the Account History window. To see another user’s name change history, go to Go to the homepage of the customer. In the top right corner, click the “Name Change Log” icon. 

How Much Does It Cost To Change Your IMVU Account Name?

The cost of the name change token is pretty good. The official price to purchase the IMVU name change token is 12.99$ currently for your own account only. It means that you cannot transfer or give it to any of your friends’ accounts.

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